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We are one of the most respected Land Surveying firms in Northern California. The company started in 1979 under the name Carnes & Ekparian and has been a consistent part of the community ever since. We reformed the company in January 2020 under the new name Carnes & Ekparian with partners Gary Carnes and Drexyl Ekparian. With experience utilizing traditional surveying techniques, the skill set to harness cutting edge technology, and the flexibility to change with the times, Carnes & Ekparian remain at the forefront of the industry with the goal of meeting our clients' needs as efficiently and accurately as possible. We offer a full range of surveying services for residential property owners, land investors, realtors, developers, contractors, and municipalities.

We specialize in boundary and topographic surveys in the Northern California in Santa Clara, Sen Benito, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Alameda counties. We strive to meet our clients' needs by using the appropriate equipment and surveying techniques for each unique project. With our Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, we can perform surveying tasks with up to sub-centimeter accuracy. With Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data collection, we can deliver the final product directly to your computer system in a variety of ready-to-use digital formats.

We have access to recorded maps, deeds and title information which enables us to efficiently research and survey your property in a timely manner. We have decades of experience coordinating projects with the city and county departments and have a keen understanding of the complex approval process.